CyanogenMod founder, Steve Kondik, now works for Samsung Mobile

CyanogenMod - CyanogenMod Android Rom

CyanogenMod is an extremely popular custom ROM for rooted Android devices

Android news continue to make headlines today as Steve Kondik, the founder of CyanogenMod is now working for Samsung Mobile. For those who don’t know, CyanogenMod is probably the world’s most popular custom ROM for rooted Android devices. The ROM originally debuted way back on the world’s first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1. Since then, the mod has grown hugely and now supports over 25 different Android devices including smartphones and tablets. What started off as a one-man project has become a huge team consisting of several different talented developers. Steve Kondik has created a global brand that is CyanogenMod and is respected by many of the world’s top Android developers and even OEMs. When Kondik first released CyanogenMod, he actually got a cease and desist letter from Google, demanding him to stop distributing Google apps in his ROM. I think Samsung made an extremely good decision in hiring Kondik. I’ve always wondered why Google themselves haven’t picked him up. Hopefully, withKondik on their team, Samsung will be able to produce even more fantastic Android devices.

On another note, I think it’s pretty cool how OEMs are beginning to show more interest in the development community. It’s kind of like record labels discovering and eventually signing YouTube and underground artists. These guys are truly talented and deserve the respect and interest of large companies like Samsung. Great news in the world of Android today!

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