Nexus Prime news start buzzing…more

A Korean tech blog called Electronic Times is reporting a potential October release for the next Nexus phone. Rumors of the elusive Nexus Prime being powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and sporting a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED HD display are still believed to be true. Many Android fans (myself included) are eagerly awaiting official details, but in the meantime, people seem to have conflicting opinions about the potential validity of these rumors. Here’s my take on this whole Nexus Prime October release deal.

I’ve seen a few commenters point out that an October release is probably not likely because the two previous Nexus devices were released around December. This is true and Google themselves did say that Nexus phones are typically released around Christmas time, but that doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of an October release as that timeframe can still fall under the “around Christmas” claim. I think an even bigger reason to believe an October release is due to the iPhone 5’s launch. I’m pretty sure Google wants their next phone and version of Android to compete with the iPhone 5 and iOS 5. Speaking of the iPhone 5, I hope Google understands how popular this thing is going to be (sales-wise). If they want to truly compete with it, they’re gonna need to pull out all their marketing chops and get the word out. Google has to be able to market the Nexus in a way that’ll appeal to average consumers, not just the geeks. Sprint’s Nexus S 4G commercials are not bad, and showing them in movie theaters during the pre-show stuff is a great way to mass market the device. Google has to push this thing hard enough to get some converts, but in the end, I don’t really care when this thing comes out or who’s gonna buy it because I know the only thing that’ll matter is that I buy it because Ice Cream Sandwich along with a fast processor and the beautiful AMOLED is all I really need…even though Beats technology in a smartphone is pretty dang sexy too.

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