Verizon’s upcoming Droid Bionic looks fast

Motorola DROID Bionic

Verizon's highly-anticipated Droid Bionic

I just saw a video showing some dude navigating throughout the Droid Bionic‘s UI and I must admit, it looks pretty dang fast. I originally didn’t think the Bionic was going to be THAT fast because I’ve always felt that TI OMAP processors weren’t as fast as their Snapdragon or Samgsung-made counterparts. However, this video really showed me, as the device looks extremely snappy. Other notes about the Bionic, I think this latest version of Motorola’s custom UI has some nice aesthetic and functional features. What looks to be official renders of the Droid Bionic have surfaced and I can honestly say that I’m not attracted to the design of the Bionic at all. It basically looks like any other Droid phone made by Motorola, particularly the Droid 3. I’m not down with Motorola’s rugged/boxy design or choice of material. The Bionic has been announced for quite some time now and it’s pretty much well overdue, but by the looks of it, this thing will probably still be able to hang with the big dogs once it’s released. In addition, after hearing that Verizon is skipping Samsung’s Galaxy S II, I think it’s now a lot easier to bite and get the Bionic when it comes out, which is rumored to be Thursday, September 8, 2011…unless Verizon is skipping the Galaxy S II for something better…Nexus Prime maybe? Have fun deciding!

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