Samsung devices are starting to look pretty SEXY

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

People often bash on Samsung for making their products out of cheap materials like plastic. Compared to competitors like HTC and Apple, who make use of premium materials such as glass and metal, Samsung’s hardware design doesn’t really match up. Some may argue that the use of plastic makes their devices a lot more durable as plastic can take a larger beating than glass. Although this may be true, it’s also very important to make devices that simply look good. I’m sure most of us would rather have a device that performs better than it looks, but honestly, if a phone or tablet doesn’t look sexy, it becomes quite an eye sore after a while, despite its performance level. With that said, I have been noticing that recent Samsung products have started looking a lot sexier.

Samsung Series 9 ultraportable laptop

The first product that really made me go, “Whoa, that thing looks bomb!” was the Samsung Series 9 ultraportable laptop. This thing was a direct competitor to Apple’s MacBook Air and boy did it deliver. Speaking only in terms of aesthetics, the Samsung Series 9 was dressed in a black aluminum body that made it look really good…maybe even better than the MacBook Air in my opinion.

So that was the first example of a sexy Samsung device. How about the Galaxy Tab 10.1? I honestly think that the 10.1 is the best looking tablet available right now. With its curved edges, super slim profile, and light weight, it truly gives the iPad 2 a run for its money. Sure, the back is not made of metal, but the accents and lines just look so nice. No other Android tablet looks as sexy as the 10.1 if you ask me. Some may have thought that those two devices were just flukes, that Samsung was eventually going to go back to their old designs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Well, take a look at the just announced Galaxy Tab 7.7. The back side is made of a brushed metal with accented panels at the top and bottom…tell me that doesn’t look sexy. Along with the thin and light design, Samsung has once again produced a good looking device. Now, I’m not trying to say that a metal body automatically makes a device sexy. Take a look at the oh-so-popular Galaxy S II smartphone. Although it’s not covered in an aluminum body, the design of the phone simply looks more streamlined, clean, and crisp compared to past Samsung smartphones. Honestly, they’ve come a long way and now I’m starting to feel like Samsung may be the Apple of the Android world when it comes to design. Some of you probably disagree and are still diehard HTC hardware fans, but you can’t deny that Samsung products are starting to look better and better.


Samsung Galaxy S II


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