How important are mobile processors to you?

Is the processor more important than everything else?

So, I’m curious to know how important mobile processors are to you. When you hear about a new phone, whether officially announced, rumored, or leaked, what’s the dominant spec that you look at to obtain your first impressions of the phone? Is it the screen size/technology? Android version? Custom UI? Camera quality? Build quality? Sexiness? Or is it the speed of the device’s processor and who it’s made by? I can honestly say that whenever I make an initial judgement regarding a smartphone or tablet, the first thing that I look at is the processor. I want to make it extremely clear that I have no idea what the technical differences are between processor technologies and many of you probably don’t either. Despite this, everyone seems to have an opinion on a device’s processor. Sometimes that spec alone can cause you to form an opinion so steadfast that nothing else about the phone or tablet matters. With that said, I’m curious to hear about your opinions and experiences regarding mobile chips. I’ll go ahead and ask myself these questions. If you find the questions intriguing, please leave comments down below regarding your personal preference.

  • Who’s your favorite processor manufacturer? Why? (Mine is Samsung. In the past when I compared Qualcomm’s 1 GHz Snapdragon, Samsung’s Hummingbird, and TI’s OMAP 3 on their respective devices, I felt that the Hummingbird delivered top-notch performance, both in games and overall speed. Everything just seemed to run smoother with the Hummingbird. The Snapdragon is a close second, delivering very good speed in everyday tasks, but lacking in the gaming department just a little bit behind the Hummingbird. The OMAP 3s were my least favorite as devices that utilized the chips seemed to be a lot slower than their competitors)
  • How important is the processor’s clock speed to you? At what minimum speed level are you satisfied with? (The clock speed is pretty important to me. The lowest speed that I’ll tolerate is 1 GHz…oh, and as of now, it should also be dual-core…at least)
  • Is the processor the most important spec to you when judging a new phone or tablet? (For what seems like no apparent reason, yes. Then comes screen size/technology and Android version)
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